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About Istanbul

The only metropolis on the earth which is in both Asia also Europe, Istanbul moreover straddles the historical as well as new sides.

The best method to feel Istanbul would be to permit unscheduled walking in between trips to historic areas and museums. Rise early enough to partake of the famous Turkish breakfast . As well as ride the ferries , regularly . They’re not only a method to get from here to there ; on a boat you may rest feet sick of visiting the attractions , have tea , or maybe have a grilled-cheese sandwich and then consume the perfect sights of wherever in the city.

The ghosts of marauding Crusaders as well as marching janissaries bother the city’s traditional alleyways—but that is absolutely no museum : the Bosporus continues to be a buzzing artery for maritime trade , along with the sounds of constructing perform a continuing counterpoint to the shouts of street hawkers and the call of the muezzin . There are lots of the reason why guests come back frequently: the environment is extraordinary, right on the Sea of Marmara and also astride the busy Bosporus Strait. Together with Istanbul’s skyline is an exquisite mélange of domes, minarets, heritage towers, also places of work looming over low-rise household buildings.

Many people to this spreading capital of greater than 14 million will certainly initial set foot in the fairly small Old City , in which the legacy of the Byzantine and even Ottoman empires can be seen in tremendous works of architecture similar to the amazing Aya Sofya and the wonderfully proportioned mosques constructed by the great architect Sinan . However it might be easy to spend times , if not weeks , discovering the prosperity of sights in the medieval peninsula , people must ensure as well to endeavor in other places in order to feel the vibrancy of modern Istanbul . With a dynamic nightlife propelled by its young population and also a thrilling arts place that’s progressively on the worldwide radar , Istanbul is really a city that certainly not sleeps . It’s additionally a site in which people are going to feel pleasant : Istanbul might be on the Bosphorus , yet at center it’s a Mediterranean city , whose welcoming residents are effusively friendly and desperate to talk about whatever they really like almost all about it .

Nowadays the ethnic as well as economical center of Turkey, Istanbul has become the capital city of three empires — Byzantine, Roman, and also Ottoman. Our Istanbul guide brings together the ideal of Istanbul old and new.

Best Season To Travel

Summer time is considered the most preferred time for it to travel to yet may be uncomfortably very warm and also moist. Early spring and autumn tend to be more enjoyable, with less people (and also shorter lines at primary traveller areas). Winter season may be a good time to travel to when you can brave the cold and wet ; accommodation rates decrease noticeably, also under a cloak of fog or snowfall the brooding capital seems notably intimate; a teahouse around every single corner is simple to keep at bay the shivers.


Buy a reloadable Istanbulkart from a bufe (very small shop seen around the city and outside ferry terminals mostly) , which allows you to ride – and reduce costs on – the city’s huge system of trams, funiculars, subways, buses, as well as ferries. Taxis are many, however, better be careful: car drivers may be on the dark side in terms rip off.

Weather Conditions

July is the hottest month, with a daily average of 25°C; February is the coldest, with an average of 5°C.

January is the rainiest month.

Learn Before Your Travel

Be cautious carpet dealers in the Old City along with the Grand Bazaar , that will attract you in with the pledge that you may “just look” and also provide cups of tea before laying on the tough sell ( just remember : you are not forced to purchase , even if you agree to have that tea ) . Squirrel away small charges , particularly if you intend to use taxis to travel ; car drivers occasionally carry a lot change . Istanbul people are extremely hospitable ; don’t be amazed when a perfect person gives you a cup of tea at a teahouse . A couple of words of Turkish ( merhaba for “hello ,” kolay gelsin for “take it easy ,” and tessekur ederim for “thank you” ) will smooth out experiences.


Turkish, however English-speaking help is often present in tourist-heavy spots such as Sultanahmet (the Old City), at museums, as well as in many shops, restaurants, and bars.


In Turkey the power sockets are of type F also known as “Schuko”. This socket also works with plug C and plug E.

The standard voltage is 220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

Turkey Package Tours for Istanbul

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