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About Cappadocia

House of the Hermits in Cappadocia

House of the Hermits in Cappadocia

Ancient historians used the name Cappadocia to speak of the area, that is famous for its wonderful frescoed churches. Lately, the tourism business co-opted the name as shorthand for a triangle that rotates on Aksaray in the west, Kayseri in the east and also Nigde in the south. The villages as well as little cities of Goreme, Uchisar, Mustafapasa, Urgup and Avanos are the primary traveler centres.

Countless years ago chaotic eruptions of the volcanoes Mt Erciyes and Mt Hasan enclosed the environment plateau with tuff . Wind and also weather conditions have eroded the smooth volcanic stone into numerous oddly formed pillars, cones as well as fairy chimneys, in shades which range from pink to green and also yellow. From the medieval times, men have hallowed away these types of smooth rocks, additionally they have created numerous cave churches, chapels and also monasteries.

The churches are from the earlier Christianity. The artwork type of the churches may be categorized into 2 classes: the 8th and 9th century are the iconoclastic ages – the 10th to the 13th centuries whose arrangements symbolize the lifestyles of Christ and several saints. The architectural plans of the churches are simple.

Where to See

Ancient Churches & Goreme Open Air Museum

The Old Greeks colonised the majority of what exactly is today Turkey, and their Byzantine descendants designed away countless great churches in Cappadocia between the 7th and 14th centuries. A lot of these churches are cut proper inside the stone. It is a jaw-dropping feel to look out on the columns, altars as well as other well-known church features, all cut out of the rock. Much more incredible are the frescos that cover up the walls Goreme Open-Air Museum, a historical monastic settlement on the outskirts of the contemporary town of Goreme. Within the museum, the best churches are the Tokali Church as well as the Karanlik Church. The museum is available 8.30AM to 5.30PM everyday.

Underground Cities

Cappadocia features over 30 underground citiesseveral burrowing down 8 or 9 storeys. The top levels of most of these cities were most likely excavated by the Hittites, yet the earlier Christians switched all of them into spots of sanctuary throughout the 7th-century Arab invasions. Kaymakli and Derinkuyu are the biggest and also most impressive underground cities. Both of them are open 8.30AM to 5.30PM everyday.


Uchisar is dominated by a huge plug of stone. Climb up to the top you now are going to be rewarded with breathtaking sights over the surrounding country side. It is available 8.30AM to 5.30PM everyday.

Zelve Open Air Museum

In the valleys of Zelve, close to Avanos, an additional Open Air Museum takes up the area of a town which was abandoned in the Fifties. Filled with dark tunnels and also frightening ladders, it is an excellent spots to take impatient older children. It is available 8.30AM to 5.30PM everyday.

Cappadocia Culture Museum

It is well worth traveling to the little Museum of Cappadocian Cultural Life in Ortahisar, that is available 9AM to 9PM everyday.

Red Valley

The Red Valley, between Goreme and Cavusin, is named for the wonderful color of its stone face, particularly gorgeous in late afternoon.

Zemi Valley

For a hike to discover certain especially impressive fairy chimneys, walk on the Open-Air Museum path from Goreme to discover the amazing Zemi Valley.

What to Buy from Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a much calmer location compared to Istanbul to buy Turkish rugs, therefore it can be a good option.

Avanos has a long standing pottery business, with items created from thick red clay from the Red River, which streams through the city center. You will find so many workshops.

Additional potential gifts consist of hand-made dolls from Soganli, onyx decorations, local headscarves, hand-made lace and also thick woollen socks.

Turkey Package Tours for Cappadocia

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Activities in Cappadocia

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