A City That Never Sleeps!

We need to say that the best way to know Istanbul is to follow whereever it takes you. Imagine the city that is covered by spiritually and corporally with the great four religions and the most legendary empires in the World.

Every city has its own speciality but it can’t be denied that Istanbul has always more. It’s above being a city where people live in or try to survive. It has a intense pulse that can be heart of the World. It just keeps your eyes wide open to discover it everytime. In every edge of Istanbul, another history is living.

View of the Historical Peninsula from Galata Tower

View of the Historical Peninsula from Galata Tower

If you want to discover that mesmerising city, you can start from old city part which is one of the most fascinating spots to meet history and see architecture and art are all together.

From historical side, the city had started to have an irresistible spirit from Roma Empire (330-395) , Byzantine Empire (395-1204, 1261-1453) , Latin Empire (1204-1261) until Ottoman Empire (1453-1922) and it left breathetaking architectural structures behind of it which still keeps alive its whole beauty until today.

Here are some destinations you can visit:

  • Hagia Sophia
  • Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Mosque)
  • Basilica Cistern
  • Topkapı Palace
  • Ortaköy Mosque
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Spice Bazaar
  • Dolmabahçe Palace
  • Sülaymaniye Mosqu
  • Galata Tower

Of course it is not enough to see only history. You should taste traditional food as well. If you want to eat in a restaurant, we can suggest you to visit Türk Art Terrace Restaurant or Sultan Köşesi. And if you want to taste some street food, we can suggest you to visit and to try wrapped fish at Karaköy port area.

Fish and bread seller in Karakoy

A fish and bread seller in Karakoy

To taste the most delicious Turkish desserts, Hacı Mustafa 1864 (Sirkeci) will make you satisfy for sure.

Hafız Mustafa Cafe Istanbul

Hafız Mustafa 1864 in Istanbul

Another thing about street food is grilled/boiled corn , grilled chestnut and Simit. They are so tasty to accompany you during your walk in the street.

Grilled chestnut seller on the street of Istanbul

Grilled chestnut seller on the street of Istanbul

The most popular districts in Istanbul:

  • Kadıköy is located in Anatolian part of İstanbul. In the center it has many theatres, cinemas, university, art galleries, workshops and many other things are avaliable there.
  • Beyoğlu is the one of most popular shopping areas (İstiklal Street). You can find whatever you like and many interesting things and also it has many passages from old times which still keep their history and architecture. Walking straight down you will reach to Galata Tower where you can watch panoramic view of İstanbul. If you are interested in street photography, alleys of Taksim are perfect choice to do it. 
  • Princess Island which consist ‘Büyükada’ , ‘Heybeliada’ , ‘Kınalıada’ and ‘Burgazada’. After you catch a ferry from Eminönü harbor, you will arrive to island one hour later. It is still possible to see the great wooden houses covered by ivy plants that give you amazing visiual pleasure. Also you can try seafood that we can surely suggest you to visit Balıkçı Süleyman Restaurant (Büyükada) which has really good options for seafood and is also quite cheap. 


After city was discovered, it’s time for a good coffee stop! If you didn’t try Turkish coffee yet, don’t leave without doing it. In Turkey, coffee makes your day in whichever way you need. Also it has interesting feature which unites social life and tradition on people.

Here are some coffee shops worth to visit:

  • SAMSA CAFE is one of cozy place in Kadıköy. Owners are mother and daughter who give the loveliest atmosphere to you to hang out. (Rasimpaşa Mah. Yurttaş Sok. No:3 Kadıköy, İstanbul)
  • OKKALI KAHVE is a place where you can try all kind of Turkish coffees with a welcoming service.  (Sinanpaşa, Yeni Hamam Sk. No:3  Beşiktaş, İstanbul)
  • BREW COFFEE WORKS which has a playlist that rests the soul of people, will add pleasure to you with its wonderful home atmosphere. (Hobyar Mah. Hamidiye Cad. No: 16/D, Fatih, İstanbul)

Brew Coffee Works in Istanbul

City has a lot to discover. You can also join Bosphorus Dinner Cruise. To see Istanbul at night gives you such a pleasureful sightseeing with gorgeous Bosphorus view and city lighting.

Bosphorus by night

Bosphorus Strait by night from a dinner cruise

As you can see, we mentioned about Istanbul city above. If you want to learn more, you may have a look our website.

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